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Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 29th January 2011

I place my heart
I place
my body
I place
my hope
I place
my hurt
All in You

I ask for
a miracle
will be

I trust in
and I
with all
my being

Lord, we believe in miracles and so we ask today for miracles, trusting that you hear us.

We ask for the miracle of truth, that the MRC funding, recently announced for biomedical research, will truly be awarded to genuine biomedical research by clinicans seeking the physical causes underlying ME and will not be highjacked by the psychiatric lobby for pseudo-science.

We pray that the Government Minister will act with integrity regarding Professor Hooper's letter of complaint against the MRC and that all the concerns raised in his letter will be acknowledged and rectified, so that the lives of people with ME will finally be treated with the honour they deserve and a miracle of proper biomedical tests, treatments and Consultants, who respect us, will follow.

Please see  the Breakthrough Prayer page :

Undone Things

Undone things

Our losses are so many
that they stack up
fall over
and are lost
for all time.
Too many missed moments
to remember
weep and grieve over
Too many undone things.
The loss is ever-present
an ongoing thread of our
for that is all we manage to do
to exist
moment to moment
hour to hour
day to day
trying to live in the mystery of our
which binds us together
and heals all wounds.

Linda Crowhurst

The Rat

The Rat appeared on the bird table; outside the kitchen window. Only yesterday I had pointed out two Robin Redbreasts there;   I was far  too slow though  with the camera.

Bang : in the car !! Seaside.   Hardware store. Rat trap in hand , I am making my way home. It was only much later, my wife lying in agony, not knowing  how to get through the day, she cannot bear much more, that I thought about all those families.

It was  a Sunday  A dad with his kids discussing football. This couple, arm in arm hurrying to the pub , someone saying oh look there's a fire in there. Sunday lunch time smell. Passing the restaurant window by myself. Gulls and the tang of salt.

The darkened room, my wife, the silence, the pain.

I was thinking about how  I take it for granted now; all the losses, all the Sundays we miss out on; what others call normal  life.

What we call survival, coping, drenched in tears.

Intense anger welled up in me.

There's more than rats outside my window.

 I am dealing with it !

Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 22nd January 2011

Take time to be still and find me.
Reach into the stillness of my love.
Let it fill you.
Let your heart say Yes to me , endlessly Yes.
In that Yes we can work wonders
In that Yes all things are possible
Be Bold
Come find me
In the power of that Yes
Fill me with Joy.
Take the step that leads to me,
Only say Yes
And find me

Today we pray for all people who are struggling; may they find God's presence with them.
May they open their heart to receive His blessing in their lives

As we say Yes to the absolute Power of Love in our lives, may we feel Love respond with healing, hope and miracles.

For all who are ill, may they find comfort and strength.

For all who are struggling, especially with financial worries and debt, may they find help.

For all who are isolated and alone may they find hope

For all in need, may their needs be met.

We ask in faith

Lord graciously hear us.

We have a new Prayer Request notice board, where specific prayer requests can be placed for us all to pray for them.

May all find comfort who seek his blessing. Amen

Prayer Requests :

"If your prayer team could kindly keep my family in prayer. I.E. Issues with stablizing housing, heavy debts, and constant lack. My family needs prayers from those who believe strongly in the power of prayer. Please also pray for my brother who recently got out of jail. "
21st Jan 2011

Please visit the Breakthrough Prayer Page :

Gritted teeth

..I couldn't pray all the words of the Breakthrough Prayer last night; how can I say God loves us, when my wife is still in agony- still  after  18 years-  and how her life is reduced to nothing ?

How can I pray for strength as a carer, when I don't want to be one - have never wanted to be one and cannot bear to contemplate this being my life forever ?

It took me to near midnight to read the prayer, through gritted teeth.

I read once that if Christians really believed what they preach, that they would most likely  be far too worn-out, exhausted , to do much more than stagger into  church on their dirt-encrusted , ragged hands and knees and utter more than a few words.

I am very, very tired. There is so much I want to do, so frustratingly little that I can achieve in reality. Everything I do is done at huge cost to my wife, whose suffering is immense;  to myself, who is trying to cope, not least with my self and to our relationship. You tread such a fine line between coping and falling apart ; when you try to live your marriage within the context of Chronic Illness.

So I'm angry with God or not making my wife better. I 'm angry with the rapidly drive-you- insane orthodoxy that denies my wife any treatment, that denies that ME is a real disease; that leaves  us in such a hopeless position, that is so actively and aggressively touting  its poison these days;  to friends !

More than that, worse of all, I am angry with myself for not being a far  better carer, better advocate, better campaigner, fighter, husband.

It's only at times like this that I  understand , in my guts, what prayer really is; just as a drowning man understands what air is or a thirsty man, water. It's life.

And deep down I know I have never prayed the Breakthrough Prayer as powerfully, as last night. This is how I survive.

Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 15th January 2011

Lord we ask you for justice, long overdue.
We ask that there be a new NHS vision based upon biomedical knowledge for people with ME.

We ask that the White Paper on NHS Choice be the catalyst for change and proper medical treament for people with ME.We ask that as many people as possible submit a response, this weekend , while there is still time.

(To make a response please visit

We ask this in faith and trust and mercy, knowing that nothing is impossible for you.

The Breakthrough Prayer 
by Theresa and Pauline

God our Father, we love you and know you love us. Today with one voice we beseech you to help us in our suffering.

May we bathe in the light of your love and healing, giving us strength to get through each day. By the power of your Holy Spirit uplift our carers and lighten their heavy load in dealing with this unrelenting illness and their own despair.

Enfold in your special love, those who live alone enduring further isolation and loneliness. Dearest Father we pray fervently for a major medical breakthrough in ME.

Bring your Divine inspiration to the researchers of this terrible disease, which is sweeping across your beloved earth .

May the mountain of ME be removed and thrown into the sea.

Through our faith we trust and thank you , in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord. Amen

Please do visit the Stonebird Breakthrough Prayer page :

Now is the Time : Stonebird Response

These are the comments we have added to the Now is the Time document :  in response to The Government's White Paper, Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS :

Stonebird’s  response :

Q2. Which healthcare services should be our priorities for introducing choice of any willing  provider?

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis should be a primary concern, It needs to be honestly separated from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome services, which are primarily mental health services, offering inappropriate and dangerous interventions for people with the neurological disease, ME.

People with ME should not be treated at CFS clinics; there should be no pretence that a CFS service is a service for people with ME.

For there to be any choice at all, new biomedical services need to be created for people with ME and the truth that ME is a neurological disease with physiological dysfunction needs to be disseminated throughout the NHS.

Q4. What would help more people to have more choice over where they are referred?

A system with integrity, one that actually offers appropriate biomedical choices and  accurate diagnostic criteria, for ME, that honours the physical disease dysfunction.

There must be the option for very severely affected patients to have home, domiciliary Consultant visits, right from the beginning as people cannot travel any distance or at all, when they are severely affected by ME.

This should not be something that people have to fight and argue with PCTs about.

Q7. When people are referred for healthcare, there are a number of stages when they might be offered a choice of where they want to go to have their diagnostic tests, measurements or samples taken. At the following stages, and provided it is clinically appropriate, should
people be given a choice about where to go to have their tests or their measurements and samples taken:

· At their initial appointment - for example, with a GP, dentist,
optometrist or practice nurse?
· Following an outpatient appointment with a hospital
· Whilst in hospital receiving treatment?
· After being discharged from hospital but whilst still under the care of a hospital consultant?

There is currently no provision on the NHS to do the tests and physical assessments required to show-up the dysfunction the dysfunction prevalent in ME, so there is no choice currently, for patients with neurological ME to be properly diagnosed, treated or helped in any real way.

Until the NHS offers a biomedical service and does appropriate scans, such as SPECT and PECT and tests such as mitochondrial function, pesticide tests, etc, there will be no possibility of choice available on the NHS, for people with ME. This must be addressed.

Q9. Would you like the opportunity to choose your healthcare provider and named consultant-led team after you have been diagnosed with an illness or other condition?

Yes. Too many Consultants are unaware of ME being a physical disease. It's very important that patients can choose Consultants who are aware, however, until the NHS addresses honestly the need for biomedical clinicians/ tests/ treatments/ responses and creates opportunities for new biomedical Consultancy posts, there will be no choice available.

Q10. What information and/or support would help you to make your choice in this situation and are
there any barriers or obstacles that would need to be overcome to make this happen?

There are enormous barriers and obstacles for people with ME to overcome to get appropriate medical hep for their disease; it is simply not available currently on the NHS, because the NHS has chosen  to treat ME as a mental health issue and is not offering a biomedical service anywhere.

This is shocking and woefully inadequate.

Q12. What else needs to happen so that personalised care planning can best help people living with
long term conditions have more choice and control over their healthcare?

For people with ME, a complete change of direction is required. For example nutritional medicine does help the body because there are massive depletions of minerals , antioxidants, vitamins etc. which the NHS currently refuses to fund.

There is a very real difference, for example,  between someone taking L-Glutathione  as a supplement and someone requiring a therapeutic daily dose to survive.

There needs to be a new response to the complex needs of people with ME and greater understanding of their physical needs with new options for treatment and health support being offered.

The psychosocial approach for people with ME needs to be acknowledged to be inappropriate and stop being offered. People need to be treated with the respect of having a physical disease.
Psychiatric domination and its influence over the inappropriate NICE guidelines , needs to be completely expelled from ME. Until this happens there will no choice at all.

Q16. What sort of choices would you like to see about the NHS treatment that you have?

I would like  the recommendations made by my Consultant to be respected and funded by the NHS, especially as they are not particularly expensive.

I would like clearer pathways of communication to be available when my health deteriorates, with a consultant who understands how frail my health is and how vulnerable I am to drug interventions – or any intervention.

I need the NHS to ensure that everybody working in the NHS knows that my ME is WHO-classified Neurological disease and I am at great risk of misunderstanding and mistreatment if this is disregarded.

I would like greater cooperation & communication  between departments, to ensure that any treatment I receive is safe.

I should not have to be exposed to ignorance concerning my disease, that means I have to say personally that I am physically ill and drug-sensitive. This should be known and practitioners should be trained to know how to work with me safely, to make sure my health does not deteriorate, because they do not understand the impact they are having or the dangers their interventions might pose to me Again this is shockingly inadequate .

Q18. How do we make sure that everyone can have a say in their healthcare?

You can actually listen to them and instigate consultations that are genuine partnership, whereby patient input is responded to, rather than the lip service paid that, in our experience, passes as consultation

There should be honest responses to people and  workers  should be held accountable for wrong judgement, ignoring patient input and dismissing ME as a psychological condition as opposed to a genuine physical disease.

Q23. Should healthcare professionals support the choices their patients make, even if they disagree with them?

In the case of ME there are very few healthcare professionals who know enough about ME to make any decisions or judgements about the health needs of patients. As the NHS has not adopted a fair criteria to determine who has ME, all patients with ME are currently at risk of mistreatment, misinterpretation  and being wrongly  classified as having a mental health condition.

You cannot fairly ask this question of patients with ME, all the time the NHS does not respect ME as a neurological disease in the services it offers.

Q41. Do you agree with proposed approach to establishing a provider’s fitness to provide NHS services? What other criteria would you suggest?

Clearly there is not enough understanding or acknowledgement in the NHS of ME as a neurological disease, to safely provide any service. This is clear from the services you are currently offering.

Any provider that offers a psychosocial service for ME, is not a fit provider : which is the current situation.

Q43. Do you agree that an “any willing provider” directory should be established to make it easier for commissioners to identify providers that are licensed and have agreed to the NHS standard contract terms and conditions?

Until the NHS addresses the fundamental principles on which it offers services for ME, this question is not really relevant, because any service is most likely to be psychosocial , because that is the prevailing wrong attitude to ME, all the time it is confused with CFS.

Q45. How can we make sure that any limits on choice are fair, and do not have an unequal effect on some groups or communities?

There is no choice currently; you could not limit the choice any more than it already is for ME. Where else in the Health Service do you have a physical disease whose physical dysfunction is ignored and the only service offered s therapeutic rehabilitation without treating the disease process ? This is a travesty of choice .

Q48. How far should we extend entitlements to choice in legislation and hold organisations to account against these?

Totally. Patients with ME should be entitled to compensation for medical neglect and lack of biomedical choice.

Q52. Are the responsibilities of organisations as outlined enough to:
· ensure that choices are offered to all patients and service users where choices are
safe, appropriate and affordable?
· ensure that no-one is disadvantaged by the way choice is offered or by the choices
they make ?

In our experience the NHS has refused to pay for affordable options, while offering vastly more expensive, dangerous, psychiatric options.

Q53. If you do not get a choice that you are entitled to, what should you be able to do about it?

You should be compensated.

Now is the Time : to say what choices you want.

Now is the Time :
to say what choices you want.

Greg Crowhurst
Jan 10th 2011


The Government's White Paper, Equity and Excellence: liberating the NHS sets out proposals which envisage a presumption of greater choice and control over care and treatment, choice of treatment and healthcare provider becoming the reality in the vast majority of NHS-funded services by no later than 2013/14.

In other words this  is a rare opportunity  for people with ME to give an account of what choices they want to have.

Stonebird is proud to have been a participant in  drafting “Now is the Time , to say what Choices you want” , a comprehensive  reply to the White Paper ,   “written by patients for patients”, especially people with Severe ME.

 "Now is the Time"   asserts the views concerns ,  bio medical needs and choices that  people with ME  want , not only in diagnosis,  but right  across the board, including treatment, and social care.

"Now is the Time", gives voice to all those who find that   :“The discrimination and inequality in the current system is unacceptable and a breach of our rights. We call for an end to this discrimination, and our right to be involved in the planning of our health care services to be honored and the patient voice heard loud and clear.”

Urgent : replies to the Government  White Paper need to be in this week. There is still time to respond ! We urge you  : “Let your voice be heard loud and clear the more who reply the stronger the message is.”
How To Take Part

Download the response document "NOW IS THE TIME"  from Stonebird : is the time.doc

Attach it or paste it into to your email

subject : Severe ME choices response

cc. us at so we can log the response figures

"Now is the Time " can also be downloaded from Stonebird in PDF format :

Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 8th December

Jan 8th 2011
The most wonderful thing about the Light of Life is that it cannot be diminished, vanquished or extinguished because it comes from God.
No darkness or evil can obliterate it. darkness cannot take it away. Wat an incredible thing to know with absolute certainty that our gift of life is a gift of Light from God and it will always shine. This is the truth and this is the promise given by Our Lord.

With this in mind we give joyful thanks that our prayer, that Dr Sarah Myhill be reinstated, has been answered, in the most stunning turnaround, this week !
Justice and truth have once again triumphed !

We pray :
Lord in Your Mercy
tenderly heal me

Lord fill me with Your Holy Peace
not of this world

Lord bless me with Your healing Presence
restore me to full health

Lord strengthen me with the Power of Your Spirit
ease the burdens that I carry

Lord comfort me with the Truth of Your Love
May all Mercy be received.

Let our lights all unite in Him; let us sing as one voice of the truth and power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


Even after a night's sleep, I am ablaze !

Heard yesterday  about the  attitude of a medical  Consultant who so cruelly and casually dismissed a child with heart goes out to that child and to her mother. No words can describe the shock, the hurt, the pain when you encounter, as most of us do, the dumbness, empty-headedness,half-knowledge, illiteracy, incapacity and incomprehension of ME, which  runs rampant in medicine  .

All you can do is pick yourself up and continue fighting. Setbacks can have  a terrific slingshot effect, channeling one's  despair into action. For when it comes down to it, that Consultant has absolutely no rational  basis upon which to defend his actions. Truth is firmly on our side and the brave act of placing the overwhelming biomedical  truth of ME down  on the table,  will just  blow his  complacency away : that , at least has been my experience, using the formal complaint process, to change things here in Norfolk.

Our latest article, The Praise of Suffering , published in this month's Good News Magazine, is now online :

The Dark Side of Medicine

The Dark Side of Medicine

Greg Crowhurst 03/01/11
(permission to repost)

In early December last year, the German Psychiatric Association (DGPPN), 65 years after the end of the Third Reich, finally apologised for the crimes committed by psychiatrists during the era of National Socialism. The original article can be found here.

In the article, English translation hereDGPPN president Frank Schneider admits  that  : “This darkest part of our history has been shunned and repressed much too long.   A Professor Gerhardt Schmidt, for example, head of psychiatry in L├╝beck, Germany, who directly after 1945 came to a clinic where patients starved to death, meaning they were killed,  wrote a very outright book about these conditions. However  Schmidt was not able to publish his book for 20 years because, according to the DGPPN, “ he was facing a Mafia of psychiatrists who didn’t want anybody to foul their nest. In the 1980s it was a moment of glory in our association to award him with a medal for it. “

Schneider  describes how after the Second World War“ three renowned psychiatrists, who made medical estimates for enforced sterilizations and who decided upon life or death, became presidents of our association and even honorary members

“What’s even worse: " In the 1960s, when the question arose whether people who suffered forced sterilization should get any indemnity …psychiatrists appeared as an authority on the subject in the Bundestag (Lower House of German Parliament). In an advisory committee they declared that forced sterilization was compliant to the rules at that time and it was all done within the then current scope of science and nothing was to take back. This is once again a debasement for the victims. There was nobody to say anything against that. “

I write this after listening to a profoundly thought-provoking   interview on the BBC World Service yesterday  with Bernhard Schlink , author of The Reader, that extraordinary book, now a film, which has so captivated audiences world wide. Its subject : the guilt , particularly of   second generation Germans, especially, over the atrocities committed by their fathers, grandfathers in the War and their struggle to understand why.

Because of the way my life, as a carer for someone with Very Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) , is  dominated absolutely and severely curtailed , by a present day psychiatric mafia, who in the employ of the medical Insurance industry do all they can to ensure that my wife receives no biomedical treatment for her disease, I was hanging on every word Schlink said.

For example, I opened  up my emails this morning and there was  a piece by  Jan van Roijen about  a “ UK Prof a member of the  supervisory board of a company named PRISMA”, the same company which is “ being paid many millions of pounds to supply ‘rehabilitation’ programs (such as 
CBT and GET) to the NHS for use on ‘CFS’  patients

This Prof “is also an officer of the insurance company UNUM. Insurance companies save a huge amount of money in payments if illnesses can be viewed as mental and not physical.

Anyhow this Prof was involved in a case where a severely ill, virtually paralysed young boy with ME/CFS was subjected to horrific psychiatric ‘treatment’ including throwing him into a swimming pool:

i.e swim or drown....  

(By the way, they forced that youngster,  aged 11,  onto a Ghost train first.....)

What really struck me yesterday was how Bernhard Schlink portrays the  German society , at the time of the Third Reich,  as an  extremely well educated, seemingly-solid and cultured society . Chillingly, many of those who committed such tremendous atrocities, turned out to be  kindly, gentle folk, caring teachers , who went on to be responsible members of society.

I am sure that van Roijen's "Prof" above and his colleagues  are not "monsters"; that is far too simplistic an explanation.

 However their impact upon my life and that of my wife, her screaming agony that she must endure endlessly , and all those who have died, as a direct result of their cruel, barbaric  interference, surely must cause them a restless night or two ? They know that there's 5000 biomedical papers  refuting their made-up of the top of their heads  theory, that ME is CFS is Psychiatric ......don't they surely???

....Well,maybe not . As Say No to Psychiatry  suggest :

"In a very real sense both the 14th century priest (burning another human being at the stake)  and the modern psychiatrist are nothing more than very dull people, incapable of a calm detached observation of what actually is, and asserting very stupid ideas which far too many people readily accept without any careful examination or resistance. Both appeal to extensive "educated reasoning", "authority", "logic" and "rational methods", but as will be discussed more in this web site, "logic" and "reason" fail completely at arriving at "truth" or "positive results" when the logic or reasoning is based upon false, absurd, and incorrect basic ideas, notions, postulates or fundamental axioms."

...For sure, anyone who knows anything about ME politics  would be the first to admit that the psychiatric lobby's  "logic or reasoning is based upon false, absurd, and incorrect basic ideas, notions, postulates or fundamental axioms."

To understand this phenomena better, we could do worse than  turn to the Annals of General Psychiatry ; in 2007 Rale Rous, from Tel Aviv University,  published an excellent study on what can be learned from the Nazi era, for clinical and research practice.

Fascinatingly he explores the "Common assumptions leading to gross ethical misconduct". One of the most relevant conclusions, I suggest, for us in the ME world is the assumption that :"Philosophical constructs and ideas should define clinical practice. " As Rous chillingly explains :

"During the period of the Nazi regime, psychiatry supported compulsory sterilization and euthanasia of the physically and mentally ill, and subsequently, the killing of "inferior" races. They did this by applying scientifically invalid conclusions from evolutionary biology ... Aside from the fact that these philosophical constructs and scientific paradigms of evolutionary theory were flawed, they were also immoral and contravened basic tenets of medical ethics and clinical practice. ."

...tragically  today psychiatry supports throwing  severely disabled children into swimming pools and leaving them  to drown,sectioning and  locking young people   up in a mental hospitals,   taking of  severely disabled children away from their parents and denying them access,  leaving of  tens of thousands to suffer unnecessarily, for decades on end, all under the philosophical construct "Complex Somatic Symptom Disorder".

As Rous concludes : "A dark side to medicine exists."

Indeed it does : it's called the PACE trial.

Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 1st January 2011

Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT  Saturday 1st January  2011

To pray in the name of Jesus Christ is to Pray in the Power of Truth and Mercy and that is to pray in the Goodness that is the Heart of Love, the Holy Trinity.

It is to touch all healing, all love, all that is healed ;  therefore your prayer is already answered and touched by that same power, which is the Life of Christ and the Light of Life.

It is Joy complete and utter presence of God.. It is to be truly present with all that is and thus to know with absolute certainty that your prayer is known, heard and answered, all in that moment of praying, for that is the meaning of Mercy; of Christ's death and Resurrection.

It is the completion of healing, the Oneness of Love. It is Truth and it is completely and totally Life evermore.

The Breakthrough Prayer by Theresa and Pauline

God our Father, we love you and know you love us. Today with one voice we beseech you to help us in our suffering.

May we bathe in the light of your love and healing, giving us strength to get through each day. By the power of your Holy Spirit uplift our carers and lighten their heavy load in dealing with this unrelenting illness and their own despair.

Enfold in your special love, those who live alone enduring further isolation and loneliness. Dearest Father we pray fervently for a major medical breakthrough in ME.

Bring your Divine inspiration to the researchers of this terrible disease, which is sweeping across your beloved earth .

May the mountain of ME be removed and thrown into the sea.

Through our faith we trust and thank you , in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord. Amen.

It is in this power of prayer that we hold all our hopes for the year ahead. We pray at this time especially that the year will bring new understanding about the physical reality of ME as a neurological disease. We pray that all people who do not understand, friends, family, neighbors, doctors, consultants, nurses, Physio's , OT's, the Benefit Agency, the Government, that all will come to a new wisdom and compassion and truth and brig about a massive change for the good in the lives of people with ME and  their carers.

We pray for healing to be poured into the hurt done by all these people, through ignorance, through fear, through deliberate negation and vested interest.

We pray to banish all evil in Jesus Christ's name. We pray for hope, we pray for miracles, we pray for truth and justice. We pray that this is the year of radical change, in all our lives, for the good.


Into battle !

There's web-designers who cut & paste and there's those who hand-code everything. I take great pride in the latter; in a  way there is something almost medieval about HTML ; it  gives me great pleasure, I don't know why.

It is with the quiet glow of the craftsman at work,   that I upload a correctly-coded, working  page to Stonebird.

Not so last night. We have a 17 year old book in which every New Year's Eve, we write down our reflections on the past year; we began it when we first got married. My contribution last night roared with fighting talk; for I was wild, having just coded and  posted Kevin Short's lengthy Zombie Science and the Non-Random UK 'CFS/ME' PACE Trial. It's on the right hand side of,  under"Essential Reading".

I mean : take the way that these lies are portrayed as a fact :

GET manual Page 23 -

"The more severely disabled group of CFS/ME patients were excluded from previous studies as the studies involved an exercise test that may have been too challenging.

However due to greater levels of inactivity in the more severely disabled group, the deconditioning model should apply equally if not more to these patients."

GET manual Page 50 -

"A central concept of GET is to MAINTAIN exercise as much as possible during a CFS/ME

CBT Therapists Manual Page 50 -

"Current situation (housing, living with, work, benefits, interests)

This section will draw together a lot of what you may already know. It may help you determine areas that will need to be addressed in your sessions. For example, it may draw your attention to problem areas such as inadequate housing, financial difficulties due to not working that may be factors that are contributing to the maintenance of their CFS/ME. Although you will have asked about employment and benefits, it would be useful to find out, if they are not working, whether they want to return to their previous job.

There is some evidence to suggest that being on benefits and/or income protection (IP) are poor prognostic factors as they are contingent upon the patient remaining unwell. Knowing about their current interests/hobbies may be helpful when you come to discuss targets for treatment."

.. that is just a tiny part of Kev's extraordinary,  must-read document. There's much, much more.

Contemplate, will you, for one second,  on the havoc that will be unleashed, on the harm that will be done, on the deaths that will happen, if NICE takes these idiotic ramblings seriously.

I don't know about you but I have arrived at Jan 1st 2011, like a Spartan warrior. I am just not going to put up with this cruel, life-destroying deceit a moment longer.

I will be writing a lot of code this  new year, doing everything in my power to expose the PACE trial for the fraud that it is.