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The silent church

A dear friend sent me a box of old books yesterday - it was explosive.
A volume by Richard Wurmbrand  jumped right  out of the box and whacked me around the head, leaving me me reeling , it is so challenging. 
This Pastor  , who died in 2001, spent years jailed in solitary confinement, many feet underground, with no light, sound or any stimulation- even the guards wore felt shoes. He was  also subjected  to many years of physical torture  and  intensive brain washing techniques .
When this man talks about Church, I have some idea what he means. I am not impressed either by institutional religion, which I measure against Linda's almost total isolation , while living in a national centre , a candle-lit, incense infused holy place that people flock to on retreat.
Richard Wurmbrand had a vision once, while in prison, where God pointed him not to Himself or to Christ broken on the Cross, but much, much lower, to the poor, the outcast, the excluded, the suffering. Worship the Godhead there he was told.
In silence.
Truly this is a place of profound encounter.

Book Release


Announcing the release of :

Care for Someone with Severe ME
by Greg Crowhurst RNLD, PgDIP, MA

With contributions  from:

Simon Lawrence
Martin Walker
Dr Mary Schweizer
Dr Raymond Perrin
Catherine Ashenfelter

Available to read for free online or to
download as an ebook, price £2.99.

(Please note : the book will be out in  paperback soon)

Blog (Story of the Book) :

"Greg has made a very clear stand in writing this book which really highlights what it is actually like for someone to live every day with severe ME and also what it is like to care for someone every day with severe ME and the reality of coping with a disease that is very rarely recognised or taken as seriously as it ought to be.
I would like to thank Greg and Linda who, in the midst of their ongoing struggles, have taken the time to produce  an insightful book about the reality of living with severe ME."
Simon Lawrence,
25% ME Group
"If you want to know about the reality of ME, in all its aspects, if you want to understand the environment in which ME grows and its sufferers are persecuted, read this Handbook.  Greg Crowhurst’s book is of immense value, it’s a holistic book, a total book which looks at ME from the focused pinpoint of the sufferer while rising above the immediate physical problem to reconnoitre the surrounding landscape.
In following the book’s arguments no sufferer will be cured, no carer relieved of the medical or moral duty to care, but at least those sufferers who can campaign, those carers who do still hope and stand at their posts, will be able to engage with those who stand in their path and hopefully will not be victims of the roadside bombs and false obstructions engineered by the terrorists of obfuscation hiding in the medical and psychiatric professions."

Martin Walker, author of SKEWED: Psychiatric Hegemony and the Manufacture of Mental Illness in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Gulf War Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It is launch day

It’s done, honed, stripped bare, polished like a gem. It’s ready to go out.

It’s  my book, it’s my stand, it’s my defiance in the face of 18 years of oppression and my wife’s constant suffering. It’s my shout in the dark, my whistling in the wind,  it’s my hope and my dream .

It’s my heart and my soul. It’s all that I am as a man, as a carer, as a nurse.

Today is launch day. It’s a good day, a perfect day for that.

Help ME

Who wants to know ?

There is a church just across the road , within one mile of us there are at least four other churches - and  a National Shrine, for goodness sake, bustling;  there's also several convents of nuns.  

 A community of priests , what, half a street  away. Come to think of it, there's a priest who lives just behind us, over the garden wall there.

We've got  Crosses  on every corner  and today you will be able to hear scared music from our back garden.

This Easter, not one Christian in this holy  place  has reached out to Linda. The  neighbours say hello to me, but no one asks about Linda. As far as the Churches here go, the National Shrine, the convents, the priests,this profoundly sick, disabled, woman in total agony , is not on their radar.

I am out of my mind worried about Linda ; I have not been well myself recently. It's a struggle.

Easter ;  the greatest "feast" day of the Christian Church. Across the road, over the fields ,  bells will be rung, candles lit, you won't be able to park anywhere ; today's  a giant hallelujah.

The  pain-wracked woman, my wife, will fight to get through this day, as she does every day. With dwindling resources, I am with her.

As I sip my coffee, this early morning, I wonder can I hear  Christ's parched voice  ? Is he asking, like me, how did it all go so wrong ?

It's going to be an ebook- for now..

I 've literally hand-coded every single line of my book in HTML, back and forth I've gone using all manner of conversion processes. It's one thing producing an ebook - that's easy enough - but producing an ebook to the stringent standards required for international distribution- is a nightmare !

You have no choice but to spend days getting your head around arcane rules and regulations that make no apparent I have been wondering does anyone ever manage to publish anything ?

The other day though, I finally cracked it !

I am , however, having serious problems with the printed version. The distribution system is not robust enough- I would hate to put people through the stress of waiting for ages for their book to arrive, so that, sadly, is on hold - for now.

Getting the styling of the book right across multiple devices , like the iPad, is my mission right now. The book, however, is just about ready for release - the cover had to be changed. the naked carer picture I had is not suitable for ebook distribution apparently - hence the new version above.